Santa Cruz TroubleMakers • Making Trouble in Serf City

These days, there’s no shortage of stuff to watch. We’ve become accustomed to 24/7 access to a dizzying array of digital media, all available at the push of a button, a swipe of a pad, or a click of a mouse. But somehow, the mass proliferation of high-speed internet, social media, smart phones and Netflix has left us feeling even more isolated than before. Millions of us are chained to our screens, consuming a steady stream of information, sharing and receiving it via powerful corporate algorithms designed to monitor our habits and keep us in our respective boxes.

In order to help break out of this trap, subMedia has launched Trouble, a monthly documentary series intended to be screened in groups.

Santa Cruz TroubleMakers is/are answering that call for Serf City.

Join us at the screenings and help spread the word!